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We feel truly honoured to have you be part of our Conscious Community. By working with Conscious Counsel, you are getting the best legal services without any of the uncomfortable or stressful aspects of working with lawyers. Yes, law is finally fun! We acknowledge that it is a privilege to assist you in achieving the best legal practices and never lose sight of that goal. Your success is our success and all we want is to see you thrive comfortably and stress-free. The only rule we have at Conscious Counsel is that we communicate openly and honestly. Speak your mind. Tell us if you like something or if you don’t. Our job is only complete once you love your legal services.  What we NEED from you before we can begin any legal work or advising to sign and complete this Agreement that you are retaining us to do your work.
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Information for New Clients
IMPORTANT: A NOTE ON JURISDICTION You understand that unless stated otherwise, our lawyers are only called to the Bar in British Columbia, Canada. If you are an international client from another country, you understand that the services we are providing you are based on general legal principles and not the specific laws of your jurisdiction. In some instances, we will use legal agreements prepared by lawyers in your jurisdiction (California, Oregon and Washington) but otherwise, you understand you are retaining our services and we are not called to the bar in your jurisdiction. Please let us know if you have any questions about this! 1.0 Parties We can only take instruction to act on your behalf from you. So, if there is someone else who might need to execute instructions on your behalf, just let us know! 2.0 Taxes Legal fees and most disbursements are subject to either or all both of a Provincial Sales Tax, Harmonized Sales Tax, or Goods and Services Tax. We’ll let you know. 3.0 Confidentiality + Privilege Being your lawyer means we have a duty to hold all information you share with us in strict confidence. So, spill the beans! No question is silly. We can only help you when we know everything. 4.0 Timekeeping Anytime we are working for you on your file, we will be billing you for it. This only pertains to substantive work, so if we are just chilling on the phone, obviously you won’t be charged but once the ‘lawyering’ begins, you will be. Timing is recorded in 6-minute increments. However, if we agree on a flat fee, then timekeeping won’t be a thing. 5.0 Promotion You rock, so let us brag to the world about how awesome we think you are. If you don’t want us to promote the love, just let us know and we will be happy to oblige. 6.0 You Firing Us You cannot respect love that is not freely given, so feel free to fire us whenever you’d like. Just provide notice in writing and ensure all outstanding payments are made. All deposits and payments up until that time are non-refundable. We’ll invoice you for any costs incurred leading up to or after termination. 7.0 We Fire You We can stop working for you as a client if you don’t pay your invoices, if you don’t co-operate in helping us help you, if you request we do something illegal or ethically compromising or if a conflict of interest arises. 8.0 Pay it Forward! We’ll try to hook you up with awesome people who will further your business and goals. If you know people who need legal help and want to have fun working with a lawyer, please connect us. First coffee is on us!