I was shocked to see his name on the list. When I signed up for Wanderlust Tahoe, I hadn’t checked to see any of the artists, but was thrilled to learn that Garth Stevenson would be leading a Morning Meditation Hike through Squaw Valley at the break of dawn. Garth is an extremely talented musician whose music I came across and incorporated into my spin classes for the meditation drills. The track “Hourglass” is powerful and inspirational, with a profound bass that fills the soul with hope and belief.

The hike felt like a dream. We trekked in tranquility up rocks, through trees and beside a rushing stream. Garth managed the whole hike with a bass on his back and randomly stopped on top of a small plateau for the performance. He unloaded his tools, introduced himself and spoke about the omnipresence of nature and unique landscapes as the inspiration of his music. Everyone sat in silence, legs crossed and breathing deeply as Garth created sublime sounds. The natural effects of his gift synchronized perfectly with the environment. There is no better place than the side of a mountain, in a gorgeous valley, with a rising sun and running wanter to hear his music. He played his final chord and held it for what seemed like eternity as a cloud of calmness hovered over us.

Following the performance, I approached Garth to thank him and told him about my connection with Hourglass. He looked a bit taken aback, if not surprised, when I mentioned my affinity for the song. “That’s so funny,” he said. “I worked so hard on that song and almost didn’t include it on the album.” He lifted his eyes while saying this and our eyes met. I can’t imagine what expression I had on my face, but I was shocked. The song is such a gift, so powerful, yet it almost never emerged from the womb. As I said goodbye and thanked Garth, I urged him to share everything he makes, noting that hundreds of cyclists have manifested their dreams and goals in my class listening to a song he almost did not share with the world.

As I walked off to the water to bathe in its glory under the sun, I couldn’t help but think how applicable this lesson is in all of our lives. How often do we have a gift that we neglect to share? We stop ourselves from putting gifts into the universe for a million reasons. But, whatever excuses we create to justify such inaction are all trumped by the blessing of sharing our unique contribution with the world. Do you think when Garth Stevenson finished Hourglass he ever envisioned people sweating on bikes, changing their lives while listening to the song? Probably not. But, once you put your gift out there, it will create its own path and meaning. The important thing isn’t harping on what will become of your gift, but more importantly ensuring that you share it.