About Cory


About Cory

Cory Sterling is a corporate lawyer and the founder of Yoga Law and Conscious Counsel. His practices’ home base is Vancouver, BC. Cory’s unique approach to serving and educating clients is unprecedented in the legal world and his outreach is international.

Outside of the office, his group fitness instruction is sought after because of its unique twist; combining goal setting, introspection and vast amounts of sweat in each session!

Since the age of 17, Cory has travelled the world, lived on five continents and visited seventy countries. A true explorer: from his perspective, life must be enjoyed and this is communicated and experienced in every interaction with all clients.


Bond University

  • Juris Doctor, Law

Universidad Nacional de Córdoba

  • Language Certificate, Spanish

University of San Francisco

  • M.A, Masters in Sports Management

McGill University

  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Humanistics

Lund University

  • Bilateral Exchange, Scandinavian Studies

British Columbia



Why Law?

Why Law?

Before becoming a lawyer I worked in the NFL for the Oakland Raiders and NFL Media Services. Through a variety of informational interviews and networking opportunities, I met many accomplished professionals who all gave me the same advice: go to law school or do an MBA. 

So, I went to law school. It wasn't about justice, it wasn't about access to information and it wasn't about helping people. I was doing what others, chiefly those whom I thought had cool jobs, had encouraged me to do. 

However, once in law school, I quickly realized how privileged my position was and how powerful knowledge can be. I began a personal crusade to work with and not against people. I wanted to educate people about the laws which dictate how they should run their business and help them make decisions in their best interest. 

I continue to serve as a lawyer because I love serving others and watching them achieve their professional goals. A good lawyer takes on the role of a teacher, friend and trusted counsel. I am constantly working to be the best I can in each of these roles.


On Sweating

On Sweating



The discipline, fun and release of doing activities is one of the greatest feelings humans experience. In life, each decision we make builds off our last decision. Make good choices and the good choices will continue. This has always been the impetus in my life for playing sports, enjoying activities and finding ways to sweat. 

I've always loved sports and teamwork, which is one reason I pursued a Masters Degree in Sports Management from the University of San Francisco. I've been on the sidelines of the Super Bowl, played with children in war torn countries and played on different sports teams all over the world. These adventures, coupled with my shift to leading group exercise classes have expanded my perspective and propelled me to further appreciate and value sports life in all forms. 



I teach Group Cycling classes at Equinox and Yyoga in Vancouver. 

Why I teach: It feels like the right thing to do and I love meeting new people. 

How I teach: Passionately and energetically. I challenge riders to elevate their game to the next level. It's not just about the workout and fitness - it is about overcoming the challenges in class and applying it to be a better person off the bike.

When I teach: M, W, F – 06:15. Early bird gets the worm.